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23 Gifts You Need To Ask For This Year

The holidays will be here before you know it, so it's time to start dropping hints.

1. A portable pizza pouch.

2. A cooler you can ride everywhere.

3. A human-size bowling ball set.

4. A selfie toaster.

5. And while you're at it: a toast retriever.

6. A mistletoe drone.

7. A mini–basketball game mug.

8. A briefcase barbecue.

9. A chess set made of succulent planters.

10. Or a chess set made of shots.

11. A Nutella jar lock.

12. Magnets to transform your fridge into a Gameboy.

13. A disturbingly realistic goldfish-shaped lollipop.

14. A popcorn bowl that sifts out the kernels.

15. A cat-scratch pad that looks like a laptop.

16. Lightsaber chopsticks.

17. A 360-degree dog washer.

18. Light-up shoes for grown-ups.

19. Sudoku toilet paper.

For those horrifying moments when you forget to bring your phone.

20. A brownie pan entirely made of edges.

21. Pizza bedding.

22. A wearable air mattress.

23. A calendar made of bubble wrap.