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Posted on Nov 4, 2015

23 Gifts You Need To Ask For This Year

The holidays will be here before you know it, so it's time to start dropping hints.

1. A portable pizza pouch.

2. A cooler you can ride everywhere.

If you have a spare thousand bucks.

3. A human-size bowling ball set.

4. A selfie toaster.

5. And while you're at it: a toast retriever.

Get this finger-saving device here.

6. A mistletoe drone.

Why wait for fate to position you and your boo at the right moment? Get it here.

7. A mini–basketball game mug.

8. A briefcase barbecue.

Available here.

9. A chess set made of succulent planters.

Find out more here.

10. Or a chess set made of shots.

Gooooooood luck.

11. A Nutella jar lock.

12. Magnets to transform your fridge into a Gameboy.

Get 'em here.

13. A disturbingly realistic goldfish-shaped lollipop.

14. A popcorn bowl that sifts out the kernels.

15. A cat-scratch pad that looks like a laptop.

16. Lightsaber chopsticks.

May the pho be with you.

17. A 360-degree dog washer.

18. Light-up shoes for grown-ups.

Adulthood isn't so bad after all.

19. Sudoku toilet paper.

For those horrifying moments when you forget to bring your phone.

20. A brownie pan entirely made of edges.

Math is useful.

21. Pizza bedding.

I bet you're great in bed.

22. A wearable air mattress.

Get it here but you have only yourself to blame if you get fired.

23. A calendar made of bubble wrap.

Here's to the most delightfully satisfying year yet.

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