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Show Us A Mistake That Turned Out To Be Beautiful

Because no art (or anything else) is perfect.

When you are making anything β€” a meal, a sweater, a picture β€” chances are it's not going to go perfectly the first (or even the tenth) time around. But sometimes, the mistakes are what make something beautiful and unique.

Moriah Okun

Like when a rogue printer messed up this print that my sister was working on, but the results turned out to be rad.

So show us a time when that's happened for you. Maybe an accident took on a life of its own.

Nathan Pyle / BuzzFeed

Like this lil' guy.

Maybe the messy part that was never meant to be seen turns out to be the coolest aspect.

Jessica Marquez / Via

Like the back side of this embroidery.

Whatever it was, we'd love to see it! Drop a picture in the box below and it might be featured in an upcoming Community post.