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21 GIFs That Will Calm You The F*ck Down


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2. It's basically a tapestry of work stress, family drama, heartbreak, bad traffic, too little money, too much belly fat...

...too little sleep, too many dirty dishes, holes in your favorite jeans, missed connections, long lines, dropped calls, bacne, hangovers, shaving nicks, broken promises, lost pens, terse emails, burnt toast, clogged drains, pulled muscles, pet funerals, people funerals, insurance claims, kitchen plants that wither and fade no matter what you do to save them, accidental left-swipes, forgotten passwords, split ends, horrible coffee, ideas that sounded good at the time, cracked screens, crying in public, crying in private, Sunday nights, Monday mornings, lost luggage, chipped teeth, IMs from your boss that say "hey, got a minute?", uncontrollable hiccups, other people describing their dreams, bruised apples, litigation, feeling unheard, feeling unseen, feeling upset with yourself for being upset in the first place, worrying that you will never do the things that in your wild little heart you know you have to do to be whole, and paper cuts.

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