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Royals Gone Wild: See Kate Middleton Dancing In A Grass Skirt

On the tiny Pacific island of Tuvalu. Prince William eventually joined in, thereby fully exploring (and exploiting) his awkwardness.

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When William and Kate arrived in Tuvalu on the last leg of their Diamond Jubilee tour, they were carried from their plane to a welcoming ceremony.

Arthur Edwards - Pool / Getty Images

Measuring only 10 square miles, the Polynesian island of Tuvalu is one of the smallest countries on Earth.

Kate changed into traditional dress, and even William allowed a crown of flowers instead of diamonds to be placed on his head.

Arthur Edwards - Pool / Getty Images

This wasn't Kate's usual tiara, that's for sure, but hey, it wasn't her usual tweed shirtdress either.

Eventually the Stiff Prince (no pun intended, you filthy minds, you!) joined in.

Arthur Edwards - Pool / Getty Images

Although he seems to be doing a dance all his own. The Macarena, perhaps?

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