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    17 Relationship Tips We Can All Learn From "House Hunters"

    Let's be real: It's 30% about the houses, 70% about all those insane couples.

    1. Sometimes you have to make room for idiosyncrasies.

    2. Never date anyone who requires a "man cave."

    3. Or who *jokes* that there's no room in the shared closet for your stuff.

    4. Or who understands literally nothing about the world.

    5. Learn to compromise.

    6. But hold out for what you believe in.

    7. Make sure you have interests in common.

    8. Avoid Mike.

    9. Always look for a positive side.

    10. If someone's house has plaid wallpaper, they are a murderer and you should run.

    11. Commitment is nice.

    12. Decide if you want to have children before you're arguing about it on national television.

    13. Beware of lascivious realtors.

    14. No. Foot skin.

    15. Don't let anyone question your heart's deepest wishes.

    16. But whatever choices you may make, do not let this be you.

    17. Know that this, above all else, is the ultimate deal breaker.