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    32 Reasons Succulents Are The Best Plants Ever

    Maybe even the best things.

    1. They're low-maintenance.

    2. They come in all kinds of colors.


    4. They're trippy.

    5. They like hanging out*.

    6. They can live in teacups!

    7. They can live in teacups ON LADDERS.

    8. And in birdcages.

    9. In trucks.

    10. In treasure chests.

    11. And in mercury vases.

    12. They can help you find your seat.


    14. Gravity doesn't concern them.

    15. They'll add some green to your dinner table.

    16. They appreciate a good book.


    18. They make excellent party favors.

    19. And beautiful year-round wreaths.

    20. They'll dress up any cupcake.

    21. They dig wine as much as you do.

    22. Like, every part of the bottle.

    23. They can become LIVING JEWELRY.


    25. They can live in houses like little people.

    26. They can provide a poor balding statue with a glorious head of hair.

    27. They're the perfect companions for special occasions.


    29. They like to hang out with Totoro.

    30. Also dinosaurs.

    31. And best of all: you can use their cuttings to grow more succulents.

    32. Here's a trophy for you, succulents. You deserve it.