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    14 Rad Scented Candles Inspired By Books

    You know you've always wondered what Dumbledore's office smells like.

    Etsy sellers Roxie and Tom run a shop called Frostbeard.

    They create "nerdy things that need to exist," like this awesome line of book-inspired scented candles.

    1. Dumbledore's Office

    2. Sherlock's Study

    3. The Shire

    4. Winterfell

    5. Gryffindor

    6. Hufflepuff

    7. Slytherin

    8. Ravenclaw

    9. Pemberley Rose

    10. Trashy Romance Novel

    11. Butterbeer

    12. Oxford Library

    13. Don't Panic (Fresh Towel)

    14. Bookstore

    Check out the shop for even more candles, plus different sizes and sets.