13 Rad Ideas For A Tattoo-Inspired Wedding

Two things are (mostly) forever: marriage, and ink.

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1. Make your invitations tattoo-themed.


Get the set on the left here.

2. Get an inked cake.

Consumed By Cake / / Assassynation

Steve Gerrard / Steve Gerrard / / Ben the Cake Man / Flickr: 77443176@N03


3. (Or cupcakes and cookies, if that’s more your speed.)


4. Have a cake topper that actually reflects you guys.


The set on the left is available (custom) from Etsy.

5. Hand out custom temporary tattoos to your guests.


Available on Etsy.

6. Have a temporary tattoo station.


So even kids can get in on the fun (this may well lead to a lifelong love of face tats).

7. Or sport them yourselves.


It can be the bride’s “something blue.” Maybe not an image you’ll want forever, but perfect for the day of.

8. If your wedding party’s ink is no match for yours, give them temp tats as well.

Check out RockNRoll Bride for tons more inspiration.

9. And get a gown that shows off your favorite pieces.

Old South Studios /




This masterpiece is by Jo at The Couture Company, and she takes custom orders.

11. Rock tattooed shoes.


The heels are available from Etsy and the men’s shoes are from Oliver Sweeney (they’d also make a sweet groom’s gift).

12. Ink your rings (permanently or otherwise)


Get an indentation ring from Inner Message.

13. Make sure your wedding photos capture your best sides.


Jackie Wonders /


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