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    18 Products That Will Vastly Improve Your Relationship

    Love is patient, love is kind, love is a bunch of brilliant gadgets that you need to have right now.

    1. This mattress that solves the essential dilemma of cuddling.

    2. A tandem umbrella.

    3. A silent dual alarm clock.

    4. Pillowcases that make you dream about each other.

    5. Pillows that make long-distance sleeping a whole lot cozier.

    6. And this gadget that enables long-distance kissing.

    7. And this app that encourages *romance* no matter where you are.

    8. This digital pen converts what you write into texts and emails.

    9. A pair of mittens ("smittens") to make cold-weather hand-holding a snap.

    10. Let your guests know what's up with some very pointed art.

    11. And let your lover know when they should and shouldn't try to speak to you.

    12. Use this amazing invention to write love notes in your morning toast.

    13. For an extra-personal engagement ring*, get a custom pair engraved with your fingerprints.

    14. Avoid who-left-the-seat-up fights with this brilliant (and totally lazy) device.

    15. Solve small spats fairly with a lovely set of Tiebreakers.

    16. Get a rocking chair for two.

    17. There is indeed such a thing as too close for comfort.

    18. But hey, no judgment.