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    20 Presents That Are Just Too Pretty To Unwrap


    1. This village.

    2. This word search.

    What if you miss a secret message?! Find out how to do it yourself here.

    3. This pleased face.

    How could you rip through such serenity??

    4. These teeny confetti-printed boxes.

    You can print them out yourself here.

    5. These feathered-and-polka-dotted cuties.

    6. These fabric-wrapped snugglies.

    7. This pom-pom-studded sweetie.

    8. These gifts stamped with veggies.

    9. And these ones shaped like animals.

    Buy the whole squee-ful set here.

    10. These ones dipped in confetti.

    11. These ones topped with greenery.

    Find out how to do it yourself here.

    12. These hand-stamped wonders.

    Get the directions here.

    13. These washi tape candles.

    Great for a birthday, Hanukkah, or for someone who just really digs candles.

    14. This handy recipe.

    You can customize it however you want.

    15. These majestic mountains.

    Available here.

    16. These embroidered packages.

    If you want to attempt this yourself (and be reminded of the ephemerality of physical objects and, indeed, all of life), the directions are here (in German).

    17. This simple papercut.

    18. These fresh flower gift tags.

    FInd out how to make them here.

    19. This stud.

    Hahahahahaaha sry. Get the instructions here.


    You don't even need to give actual gifts* if you're wrapping with this incredible set.

    *But you probably should anyway.

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