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    19 Things You Could Buy If Money Were No Object

    Or you could just give them to me.

    1. A pair of underwear for every single day of the year.

    Technically you'll be one short because 2016 is a leap year, but hopefully you have at least one other pair socked away. Oh, and altogether it's $4,000.

    3. This giant-ass bear sleeping bag.

    Courtesy Dee Ortiz
    Courtesy Dee Ortiz

    True art has no price tag. (JK it's ~$2,350.)

    4. This $4,000 digital wine cellar.

    It's basically Cher Horowitz's closet but for wine.

    5. An armchair that doubles as a library.

    It's around $3,000.

    6. The world's longest backyard water slide.

    It'll run you $2,800.

    7. This $15,000 golden vibrator.

    It comes with a set of cufflinks, at least.

    8. This life-size T-rex skeleton.

    It's not real, but it IS $100,000.

    9. A $42,000 hot tub boat.

    Why would you need a hot tub amidst a large body of water? Quiet, plebe.

    10. Or if you're thrifty: a $360 hot tub hammock.

    With those winnings, you could buy a couple million!

    11. A hydro-powered jet.

    It'll run you a cool $7,000, plus probably a hefty life insurance premium.

    12. A charming lil hut in which to grill your food.

    Heeheeheeheeheehee hi.

    13. Just like a whole bunch of your favorite things but as miniatures.

    beep boop!!!

    14. A very gigantic knitted blanket.

    It starts at $400 of absolute bliss.

    15. A $700 customizable cat tree.

    For spoiled kitties.

    16. This watch that tracks planetary movements.

    And costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $334,000.

    17. A $30,000 tranquility pod.

    Finally, inner and outer peace can be yours.

    They run from $7,000 to $7,500 and really I implore you to check out the website because it is impossibly charming.

    19. The student loans of everyone you've ever met.

    Mj0007 / Getty Images