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28 Places With Absolutely Perfect Names

I want to go to there.

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1. This very specific drugstore.

2. This defiant froyo shop.

3. This brutally honest restaurant.

6. This delightful outdoor space.

7. This apologetic tattoo parlor.

9. This salon that will not take your crap.

11. This tech-savvy optometrist.

12. This musically-inclined salon.

14. This boat that tells it like it is.

16. This bait shop that appreciates the simpler things in life.

18. This straight-shooting hardware store.

19. This town that is pure as the driven snow.

20. And this motel that is not.

21. This beauty parlor that's lost the will to live.

22. This tattoo parlor that knows the true meaning of pain.

26. This salon that thinks you look great.

28. This county that knows exactly who it is.