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21 Pokémon Drawn In Everyday Situations

Turns out Machamp makes a mean pizza.

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1. Heather Christianson has been drawing one of the original 151 Pokémon every day since November.

"Pokémon is such a nostalgic brand," she told BuzzFeed Life. "It's something our generation has loved since we were kids. And the most special thing about it is that it is still going on! Kids and adults alike are STILL playing Pokémon. The love for it has not stopped! Which is why I knew drawing one a day would be a big hit with my followers."

2. She's also been using the project as, she said, "a sort of test for myself."

"Drawing these Pokémon ensures that I draw something every day, which I think is really important for artists."

3. She's drawn Slowpoke running a race...

5. And Tentacool DJing.


6. "I don't normally draw things that already exist," she said. "Or 'fan art', if you will."

"I love designing my own original characters, but I think it's an awesome challenge to draw something that's already been made. I can put my own twist on the design, and see how well my interpretation turns out." Which is how Rhyhorn's birthday party came to be.

7. And Machamp making pizza.

8. Psyduck learning to swim.

Featuring bonus Ekans.


9. Meowth playing with yarn.

12. Machop picking up chicks.

13. Clefable playing the trumpet.

A personal favorite of Christianson's.


17. Sandshrew being adorable.

19. Seel being kissed by a rose on the grey.


20. And Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff sitting on their respective thrones of carnage and devouring the flesh of their enemies.

21. "Overall, I've had tons of fun doing this," Christianson said. "And have gotten nothing but positive reactions."

She added, "Some of my favorite Pokémon are still yet to come..."