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    17 Gifts Every New Yorker Actually Wants To Receive

    Time to update your wishlist.

    1. One hour all alone in the supermarket of your choice.

    2. A Tinder filter that only shows you people with in-unit laundry.

    3. A fast-pass that allows you to cut the line at viral bakeries, museum exhibits, and Sweetgreen.

    4. Subway-grime-repelling pants.

    5. A pizza pocket.

    6. A watch that tells you exactly where to board the subway in order to make transferring/disembarking a breeze.

    7. An invisibility cloak so tourists don't ask for directions.

    8. An endowed chair at your local bar.

    9. An automatically raising and lowering umbrella.

    10. A fitness concierge.

    11. An automatically refilling coffee cup.

    12. And beer mug.

    13. And wineglass.

    14. A dog-on-demand delivery service.

    15. A kindly personal chauffeur.

    16. High heels that actually feel like Uggs.

    17. Central AC.