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    19 Pinterest Projects Ain't Nobody Got Time For

    Life's too short to make your ice look like a baby.

    1. Upside-down Christmas trees.

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good *CRASHHHH*

    2. Teeny spice racks.

    For holding a single paprika flake.

    3. Bug makeup.

    Hey, hold still, you've got a...never mind.

    4. Flower ice.

    Put some nature in your nature.

    5. Baby ice.

    If your cocktail isn't giving you nightmares, you're doing it wrong.

    6. Mason jar chandeliers.

    Mason jars have given us as a society so many things, and now they bring us sweet sweet death by electrical fire.

    7. Pistachio shell flowers.

    Who needs actual flowers when you can have flowers made of labor-intensive garbage?

    8. Little men made of flower pots.

    Heyy, buddy.

    9. Gender reveal cakes.

    If the universe wanted us to make well-nigh impossible cakes then it wouldn't have invented sonograms.

    10. Washi-taping your bike.

    Sure, it looks cute, but it will take the rest of your earthly days.

    11. Crocheted egg cozies.

    Again, adorbs, but I strongly believe your eggs can fend for themselves.

    12. Bouffant buns.

    Try this when you're rushing out the door in the morning and don't have to be done until nightfall.

    13. Turning a tire into an ottoman.

    For the person with too many tires and not enough low-level uncomfortable seating.

    14. Turning a trampoline into a teepee.

    This actually is the best idea but you should pay a professional.

    15. Colored pencils organized in rainbow order.

    Great way to use up those 4,000 pencils you have just lying around.

    16. Encrusting your shoes with rhinestones.

    It's all fine until you actually have to walk from point A to point B.

    17. And your nails.

    Slow down there, cowboy.

    18. (Really most nail art is way too tough for civilians.)

    Just a simple five-step tutorial!!

    19. Covering your backpack in bells.

    This is a cheap and easy DIY way to ensure you die alone.

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