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    19 Pinterest Projects Ain't Nobody Got Time For

    Life's too short to make your ice look like a baby.

    1. Upside-down Christmas trees.

    2. Teeny spice racks.

    3. Bug makeup.

    4. Flower ice.

    5. Baby ice.

    6. Mason jar chandeliers.

    7. Pistachio shell flowers.

    8. Little men made of flower pots.

    9. Gender reveal cakes.

    10. Washi-taping your bike.

    11. Crocheted egg cozies.

    12. Bouffant buns.

    13. Turning a tire into an ottoman.

    14. Turning a trampoline into a teepee.

    15. Colored pencils organized in rainbow order.

    16. Encrusting your shoes with rhinestones.

    17. And your nails.

    18. (Really most nail art is way too tough for civilians.)

    19. Covering your backpack in bells.