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24 Pinterest Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Summer

How about we ditch the DIY Mason jar citronella candles and just drink some boxed wine instead?

1. For some people, DIY jorts are way harder than they look.

2. Trying to take a sexy yet classy mermaid shot? GO FOR IT.

3. Beer bottle glasses might just cut your face up.

4. Turns out dandelions don't burn quiiiiite as nicely as the internet would have you believe.

5. (In fact, like most flammable things, they just...catch fire?)

6. Oranges don't want to follow your dumb rules.

7. Marshmallows don't wanna get THAT fancy.

8. An easy way to repel all your friends is to try and serve them this fishbowl cocktail.

9. Or ask them to participate in a beachside photo shoot.

10. Maaaaaybe use ice cream cones for their god-given purpose.

11. Let watermelons be watermelons. Not cakes...

12. Not sugar cookies...

13. And definitely not some goofy-lookin' shark.

14. Looking for a bit of color and whimsy? Leave your damn fan out of it.

15. Pudding does not a beachscape make.

16. This hot dog wishes it could just stay a hot dog, minus all the puns.

17. These strawberries were perfectly happy before they were drowned in a puddle of booze.

18. This cotton candy is over it.

19. Babies + balloons + the great outdoors = what could possibly go wrong?

20. Wanna make a crazy-cool light-up drink for your backyard campout? Gooooood luck.

21. Self-sustaining wine-bottle terrariums are a myth from deep within Pinterest's hallowed chambers.

22. Cutting up T-shirts will break your beautiful little heart.

23. Now's the perfect time to capture that picturesque yoga pose and get all the Instagram likes you've ever dreamed of!

24. Or not.

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