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    19 Problems Every Pinterest Addict Can Relate To

    It's all fun and games until someone drowns in chalkboard paint.

    1. You're so busy pinning to your fitness board that you haven't been to the gym in four months.

    2. Mason jars haunt your every nightmare.

    It's only a matter of time until they gain sentience and rebel.

    3. You know that no matter how you try, you're just not hacking your life enough.

    4. You're never not drunk because each of your desserts comes equipped with its own booze.

    This might not seem like a problem until YOU THROW UP ON YOUR BOSS'S SHOES.

    5. No real man will ever be able to satisfy you.

    6. Nor any flesh-and-blood woman.

    It seems a bit rich to dedicate this board to "chicks" when they are literally all Kate Upton.

    7. You don't even know who said what anymore.

    And what's more, you don't care.

    8. The words "thigh gap" send you into a blind rage.

    9. (Although nowhere near as intense as the words "sock bun.")

    Bonus points if it's ~braided~.

    10. Your sense of time is completely out of whack.


    11. As are your priorities.

    12. You've spent your entire life savings on completely necessary stuff.

    Life is too short not to have a cat's face on your body.

    13. All of a sudden your home feels somehow inadequate.

    14. You know you'll never be as put-together as most toddlers.

    15. Planning an event that doesn't actually exist seems totally normal.

    16. And this no longer strikes you as senseless murder.

    RIP culture.

    17. Your standards of what constitutes art are slipping.

    18. You know the unique and terrible pain of a Pinterest fail.

    The pin made it look so simple. Oy.

    19. The next time you're told to *keep calm*, you're burning this hellhole to the ground.