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    35 Wonderful Tattoos For Disney Fan(atic)s

    To inkfinity, and beyond!

    Chris Ritter/BuzzFeed

    1. Bambi

    2. Up

    3. Mary Poppins

    4. Toy Story

    5. The Little Mermaid

    6. Alice in Wonderland

    Done by Nikki at FY Ink in Toronto.

    7. Wall-E

    8. Cinderella's Castle

    9. Winnie the Pooh

    Done by Fred at Street Road Tattooz in Bensalem, PA.

    10. The Aristocats

    Done at Burnin’ Hell, Port Adelaide, SA

    11. Peter Pan

    Done at the Lucky Squid Tattoo.

    12. Mickey and Minnie

    13. Toy Story

    14. Winnie the Pooh

    15. Up

    Plus the Montreal skyline. Done by Marie-Adele at Tattoo Lounge.

    16. Snow White

    17. Pinocchio

    18. Mickey's Hands

    19. "Dream"

    20. The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Done by Ms. London Tattoos.

    21. Pocahontas

    22. Paperman

    23. Lilo and Stitch

    24. Brave

    25. The Lion King

    Done by Jesse Ditmar at Relic Tattoos.

    26. Ratatouille

    In my opinion, the raddest of all Pixar movies.

    27. Up

    Done at Revolution Ink.

    28. "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"

    Done at Atomic Tattoo.

    29. Finding Nemo

    30. Peter Pan

    31. The Lion King

    It's the symbol for "hakuna matata."

    32. Dumbo

    "The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up."

    33. Cinderella

    34. Beauty and the Beast

    Flickr: graphicward

    By Deanna Wardin at Tattoo Boogaloo.

    35. Mickey Balloon

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