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Updated on Jul 23, 2018. Posted on Nov 19, 2015

19 Gifts Your Work Spouse Would Actually Love To Receive

You probably spend more time with them than anyone else on the planet, so they definitely deserve a present.

1. A heated wrap, for the work wife or work husband who's always cold.


2. A desktop punching bag, for those rage-filled moments.

It's the next best thing to a human skull.

3. A binder-shaped pillow for surreptitious napping.

This is a great gift for someone you secretly want to get fired.

4. This ribbon for the true champs among us.

5. Desk signs that speak the truth.

6. A smartphone sanitizer for the lovable germaphobe.

7. A cocktail-shaped tape dispenser.

Alanna Okun

This is a picture of the one I own and I cannot overstate how much better it's made my day-to-day work life.

8. A miniature quadrocopter.

For hovering over the next cubicle.

9. Or for a real throwback, this phone-controlled paper airplane.

You'll never get anything done again.

10. Or a crumpled paper catapult.

Love 2 prank.

11. A card that says it all.

Get it here.

12. Or an embroidery.

Available here.

13. (There's one for exemplary work husbands too.)

Get it here.

14. An adorable planter with an even more adorable plant.

To keep them company when you're not around.

15. Or a fairly creepy one.

Hey, work spouses come in all varieties.

16. A very honest coffee spoon.

Get it here.

17. A mug for the budding work spouse.

18. A wine glass that does the talking for them.

May as well get a matching set for happy hour.

19. Or just cut to the chase and buy the next round.

Knartz / Getty Images

Chances are, you've earned it.

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