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19 Gifts Your Work Spouse Would Actually Love To Receive

You probably spend more time with them than anyone else on the planet, so they definitely deserve a present.

1. A heated wrap, for the work wife or work husband who's always cold.

2. A desktop punching bag, for those rage-filled moments.

3. A binder-shaped pillow for surreptitious napping.

4. This ribbon for the true champs among us.

5. Desk signs that speak the truth.

6. A smartphone sanitizer for the lovable germaphobe.

7. A cocktail-shaped tape dispenser.

8. A miniature quadrocopter.

9. Or for a real throwback, this phone-controlled paper airplane.

10. Or a crumpled paper catapult.

Love 2 prank.

11. A card that says it all.

12. Or an embroidery.

13. (There's one for exemplary work husbands too.)

14. An adorable planter with an even more adorable plant.

15. Or a fairly creepy one.

16. A very honest coffee spoon.

17. A mug for the budding work spouse.

18. A wine glass that does the talking for them.

19. Or just cut to the chase and buy the next round.

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