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25 People Who Are Totally Nailing This Public Transit Thing

Next stop, No Pants City!

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1. This person who brought their own seat.

Rush hour gets crowded.

2. This person who brought their own feathered friend.

3. This sleepy dude.

6. This guy who's making the most of his storage options.

7. Whoever forgot their hair.

9. The most adorable vandal in the world.

12. And this guy.

Alex Erdre / Creative Commons / Flickr: alexerde

14. This person who is having a very public nightmare.

15. This guy who gives not a single fuck.

16. This person who recently came into some cash.

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17. This industrious musician.

18. This dude who's dressed to impress.

He does so as part of The Tutu Project, taking funny pictures to make his wife smile after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The couple published a book of the images, among other products like a calendar, postcards, and prints, with a portion of proceeds going to help men and women with the disease.

19. This lady who knows how to a wait for a train in style.

20. This guy who knows that pants are a prison.

21. Whoever brought this cat.

22. Whoever brought this turtle.

23. Whoever brought this blow-up doll.

24. This wearer of toe shoes.


25. And this lady.