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25 Valentines To Give To Your Best Pal

Show some love to your REAL soulmate.

1. For the friend who just 'gets' your lifestyle.

2. For the one who shares your misanthropy.

3. For your Scrabble buddy.

4. And your drinking buddy.

5. And your pun buddy.

6. For the person who brightens your day.

7. For the person you're going to grow old with.

8. For the person who accepts you exactly as your are.

9. For the greatest non-Muggle you know.

10. For the fork to your knife.

11. For your partner in crime.

12. For the friend who is dreaming of the glorious future.

13. For the Ann to your Leslie.

14. For, let's be serious, your way-more-significant other.

15. For the person who accepts you when you are your worst self.

16. And who you love at their absolute strangest.

17. (Drake agrees.)

18. For the sweetest one of all.

19. For when misery loves company.

20. (And actually isn't miserable after all.)

21. For the person who you just know would appreciate the heck out of whatever this is.

22. For the GoT enthusiast in your life.

23. For the one who you never get over.

24. For the one you can lovingly boss around.

25. For the one.