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    Dec 3, 2012

    New "Condom Ambulance" Delivers Protection To Your Door

    Oh, the conveniences of living in Sweden or New Jersey.

    A sophomore at the College of New Jersey recently founded, or "Condom Ambulance," an initiative to almost-instantly provide students with condoms when they need them, in order to promote safe sex.

    The site, created by sophomore Kyle McCabe, promises "five-minute delivery" of Trojan-Enz condoms anywhere on campus. Students can order between 1 and 10 condoms at a time, with prices ranging from $3 to $15 (so it makes more sense to buy in bulk). The order form on the site notes that ribbed and Magnum Trojans are coming soon.

    According to an article in the college's student newspaper, The Signal, students are also asked to sign a waiver upon condom-delivery. "Among other things," the article reads, "the waiver protects CondAm from being liable for pregnancy or disease that may occur due to the use of the purchased condom and states that the student purchasing the condom has the consent of his or her partner."

    Business hours are between 7 PM and 3 AM Friday through Sunday (sex hours!).

    The idea isn't new, however; back in 2004, three Swedish cities launched similar programs to prevent the spread of chlamydia.

    According to the BBC, for 50 kronos (around $7.50), "in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmo, several emergency vehicles will be on standby three days a week, waiting for calls from those caught in a promising situation, but without protection."

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