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The 30 Most Important Rainbow Loom Accomplishments Of 2013

This was the year we learned that little rubber bands can become so much more than friendship bracelets.

1. Minions.

These little guys were ALL OVER THE PLACE. Get these directions here.

2. This yarmulke.

3. This totally improved lacrosse stick.


4. Swag for dogs.

Dogs need friendship too!

5. And for cats.

Cats are less interested in your friendship but they do appreciate bling.

6. And for babies.

7. Footwear.

Get the directions here.

8. Handwear.

9. This insane Santa hat.

10. These adorable mustaches.

Find out how to make them yourself here.

11. These teensy peppers.

Find out how here.

12. These wee sweaters.

13. Phone covers.

It's actually pretty cushiony, because, you know, rubber. Here is how to make it.

14. This entire family.

Here is how to make a person.

15. This Nativity scene.

Rainbow Loom was an essential part of the birth of Jesus, obvs.

16. When this simple but ingenious loom-hack was discovered.

17. When Isabella got to enjoy this rad cake.

Geelicious Cakes / Via

18. These dreidels.

Find the directions here.

19. This lighter cozy.

Even fire deserves to be kept warm.

20. This Miami Dolphin.

21. This meta Rainbow Loom grip.

Gotta have something to cushion your hand during all that furious looming.

22. This Canadian triumph.

23. Gillian's masterpiece.

Learn how to do letters like this here.

24. This Elf on the Shelf.

Is he more or less creepy when rendered in rubber? Unclear.

25. And when this Elf gained sentience and Rainbow Loom'd himself.

26. This Little Mermaid.

Marlene Barressii / Via

27. This Cinderella.

28. This Katniss.


You can buy the watch face here.

30. When this kid went above and beyond and actually *became* a Rainbow Loom.

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