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    9 Meme Paintings To Make Any Wall Better

    You haven't REALLY appreciated Ikea Monkey until you've seen it rendered in oils. All paintings available from Benjameme.

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    1. Really brings you back to Intro Art History, doesn't it?

    Ermagerd, 2012

    Artist Lauren Kaelin calls the project "An excuse to paint the internet; inspired by Walter Benjamin and the Ikea Monkey." You can buy the paintings or check out more of her work here.

    2. Bye, Picasso.

    Grumpy Cat, 2012

    3. STFU, Van Gogh.

    Texts From Hillary Clinton, 2012

    4. Michel-who now?

    Jessica's Daily Affirmation, 2009

    5. This is the only art you will ever need for the rest of your life.

    Ikea Monkey, 2012


    Boo, 2010


    Antoine Dodson, 2010


    Otters Holding Hands, 2007


    Gangnam Style, 2012

    At only $20 a pop, you're only harming yourself (and your sad, blank walls) by not getting one.

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