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    17 Matzoh-Inspired Crafts You Can Own

    Just in time for Passover. Because the best skateboards and iPhone cases are unleavened.

    1. Matzoh Apron

    To keep matzoh crumbs from getting all over your matzoh dress. Buy it here.

    2. Matzoh Baby Onesie

    To show the world that your precious offspring is, in fact, kosher for Passover. Available here.

    3. Matzoh Skateboard

    XCORE. Available here.

    4. Matzoh House for Your Collection of Adorable Anthropomorphized Plagues

    Locusts have never looked so huggable. Available here.

    5. Matzoap

    It's soap. It's also vegan, so, cool.

    6. Matzoh Yarmulke

    Available here.

    7. Matzoh Tie

    For the dad who has everything, except yeast. Available here.

    8. Seder Earrings

    Available here.

    9. Matzoh Lumbar Pillow

    Perfect for reclining during your seder. Available here.

    10. Matzoh iPhone Case

    Available here.

    11. Matzoh Manicure

    This is not, strictly speaking, a craft, but it IS wondrous and terrifying. Find out how to do it at Fuck Yeah Nail Art.

    12. Matzoh Napkin Rings

    The best part of this DIY is that the instructions suggest going to your local copy store and photocopying a piece of real matzoh.

    13. Matzoh Baby Outfit

    That's up for debate. Available here.

    14. Matzoh Toilet Seat Cover

    Not to be indelicate, but again: debatable. Available here.

    15. Matzoh Spreading Knives

    Perfect for spreading butter or jam on your fourth piece of matzoh of the day, weeping internally as your goyish friends chow down on bagels and cupcakes. Available here.

    16. Matzoh Playing Cards

    "Go gefiltefish!" Available here.

    17. Matzoh Dishwasher Cover

    It starts in the kitchen, and before you know it your whole house will be covered in matzoh. Your town will be matzoh. Your friends, lovers, and children will be matzoh. Your life will be matzoh. Available here.

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