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    21 Products That Will Let Everyone Know You've Made It In Life

    If you happen to have a spare million or two.

    1. A hot tub boat.

    2. A life-size T-rex skeleton.

    3. A self-twirling spaghetti fork.

    4. A guitar doorbell.

    5. A nap pod.

    6. Also one for your dog.

    7. A hands-free wine glass holder.

    8. The world's largest puzzle.

    9. Modular bookshelf furniture.

    Because if your chair doesn't have space for books, it's space wasted.

    10. A light-up zipline.

    11. A personal pie maker.

    12. A robot that mops up for you.

    13. A robot that BRINGS YOU BEER.

    14. A sleeping bag suit.

    15. A bathtub planetarium.

    16. A "luminous sky portal".

    17. A self-stirring chocolate milk mug.

    18. A wineglass that holds an entire bottle-ful.

    19. A self-cleaning litter box.

    20. A 3D latte art maker.

    21. A submarine sports car.