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    22 Underrated Products That'll Make Your Home So Much Better

    Don't let anyone tell you that you don't deserve fancy-ass jars.

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    1. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers, just because. / Via

    They'll bring some brightness to even the dreariest corner. Get this fishbowl-lookin' vase for $16.49 on Amazon.

    2. Or if you're more into the idea of a living plant, make or buy a lil' terrarium.

    You'll feel so dang responsible. Get this one for $25 on Etsy.

    3. Find a trash can that actually makes you happy.

    Alanna Okun

    I know, I know, but here's the thing β€” if a literal can of trash can bring you joy, there's no limit to what else might! Get this one for $99.99 on Amazon. (It's also silent and scentless, and the foot pedal is extremely satisfying to stomp.)

    4. Get a rad-smelling candle and light it as soon as you get home.

    Don't worry, you're (probably) not going to burn your house to the ground. Find this pricey-but-worth-it one for $32–$62 at Nordstrom.

    5. Pick up a couple pieces of inexpensive wall art.

    Chairish is a great place to find vintage drawings and prints for not a ton of money.

    6. Invest in a teapot that'll make you say "Coffee who?"

    Find this one for $22.83 on Amazon.

    7. While you're at it, grab a mug you can't wait to wake up to.

    Get it for $14 from Anthropologie.

    8. Plus some fancy (and beautiful) tea.

    Find all sorts of flavors for around $20 from Kusmi Tea.

    9. A good, long bubble bath will help you feel like an actual human being after a difficult day.

    Even if you think you're not a bath person. Get this truly delightful (and surprisingly long-lasting) bubble bath for $38 from Amazon.

    10. Did you know that HEATED TOWEL RACKS exist??

    And that you can buy them for not even very much money??? ($59.99 on Amazon.)

    11. Keep a glass bottle full of tap water in your fridge at all times.

    It'll stay nice and cold and will make you feel like you're at a fancy pizza place all the time! Get this one for $2.99 from Ikea.

    12. Speaking of glass jars, decant everything you can think of!

    Not only is this a ridiculously easy way to make it look like you have your shit together, it's also really effective at keeping out insects and rodents. Find this chalkboard-labeled set starting at $6.99 from The Container Store.

    13. A record player will turn any music-listening experience into A Music-Listening Experience.

    Marie Telling

    Find a solid one for $199.99 from Target.

    14. A diffuser will help get rid of any less-than-ideal smells.

    Get this one for $29.99 on Amazon.

    15. And a humidifier will keep your air as pure as the driven snow.

    This one is available for $31.99 from Amazon.

    16. Get a comforter or quilt you love and actually make your bed in the morning.

    Regardless of whether or not you're Team Top Sheet. Find this quilt for $174 from Anthropologie.

    17. And a pillow-top mattress pad will make your bed so comfy you won't want to leave it.

    Get this luxurious floofy miracle starting at $32.39 from Overstock.

    18. This white noise machine might not be terribly photogenic, but it gets the job done.

    You can always stick some googly eyes on it and make it your weird little pet. Find it for $44.95 on Amazon.

    19. Buy a cozy-as-heck throw to keep on your couch.

    Or to drag from room to room like it's your adult blankie. Find this one for $29 at West Elm.

    20. And an even cozier robe to lounge around in.

    Bonus points for animal ears. Get this one for $26.99 from Amazon.

    21. What's the point of a robe if you don't have slippers to go with it?

    These ones are highly recommended by The Sweethome, an invaluable review site you should trust with your life. (Starting at $44.49 on Amazon.)

    22. And what's the point of a home if it doesn't contain a couple of nice wine glasses?

    Okay, so this one's pretty obvious, but if you don't already have a set, now's as good a time as any to get some. (The set of 6 is $10.95 on Amazon.)

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