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17 Magical Lifehacks To Learn From Disney Movies

Those princesses were mad resourceful.

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1. Forks make stellar combs in a pinch.

The Little Mermaid / Disney / Via

2. And lutes make excellent bows.

Robin Hood / Disney / Via

3. Use a bra to shield your eyes from the sun.

Wall-E / Disney / Via

4. Have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Try birds.

Cinderella / Disney / Via

5. Don't have scissors on hand? A family heirloom sword will do the trick.

Mulan / Disney / Via

6. Get a raccoon to help with that complex hairstyle you saw on Pinterest.

Pocahontas / Disney / Via

7. Speaking of hair: use it to restrain intruders.

Tangled / Disney / Via

8. Make art with nature.

9. Use your sleeve as a quick and cheap makeup remover.

Mulan / Disney / Via

It'll come right off!!

10. Skip pricey gyms and work out at home using Tinker Toys.

Toy Story / Disney & Pixar / Via

11. LIFE-CHANGING TIP OF THE DAY: Spaghetti helps facilitate makeouts.

The Lady and the Tramp / Disney / Via

12. Who needs Ikea when you have all those giant shells lying around?

The Little Mermaid / Disney / Via

13. If you can't find your waterskis, use swans.

Peter Pan / Disney / Via

14. Use a pal's butt to make fun (and functional) wall art.

Winnie the Pooh / DIsney / Via

15. Cooking is hard and boring. Let a rat do it for you.

Ratatouille / Disney & Pixar / Via

16. Make your comatose girlfriend more festive with Christmas lights.

Wall-E / Disney & Pixar / Via

17. Use a bubble as a mirror.

Cinderella / Disney / Via


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