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    9 Delightful Knitting Patterns You Should Try Right Now

    Cast on, and on, and on...

    Welcome, new knitter!

    You're now a member of the coziest, kindest cult in existence.

    First order of business: if you haven't already, sign up for an account on Ravelry. It's a social network, pattern database, and all-around home for people who dig yarn, and you'll only be able to access some of these patterns if you're registered. It's free! And even if you don't like any of these, Ravelry will give you access to quite literally hundreds of thousands more patterns, all searchable and cross-reference-able, often with designers and fellow knitters on hand to help you out if you get stuck. Told you it was a cult.

    Another thing: a few of these patterns might seem hard. In some ways, they are; handling four needles at once or remembering when to increase is challenging for anyone, not just beginners. But I promise, once you're in the thick of them it'll feel much more doable, and you'll be extra proud of yourself when you finally reach the last row. And just because something might not turn out to look like the perfect, well-lit picture doesn't mean it's not worthwhile.

    1. Cuffed Hat

    2. Bulky Cowl

    3. Cabled Fingerless Mittens

    4. Simple Shawl

    5. Mistake Rib Scarf

    6. Striped Baby Blanket

    7. Jar & Mug Cozy

    8. Owl-Patterned Sweater

    9. Lacy Baby Sweater

    If you tried your hand at one of these patterns, or just want to show off a piece of knitting you're proud of, drop a picture in the comments!