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    29 Times Yarn Graffiti Made The World A Better Place

    Yarnbombs make everything so much cuddlier.

    1. This friendly monster in Hong Kong.

    2. This pedicured bike rack in California.

    3. This decked-out door in Milan.

    4. This playful irony in Ohio.

    5. These watchful peepers in New York City.

    6. These not-so-cold ducks in Boston.

    7. This flowering fence in New York City.

    8. And this Power Ranger fence, also in New York City.

    9. This massive installation in California.

    10. This triumphant art-lover in Philadelphia.

    11. This simple message in New Orleans.

    12. This fly-as-heck elephant in Florida.

    13. This dainty bear in Delaware.

    14. This cross-stitched exterior in Valencia.

    15. This lil guy in Minnesota.

    16. This much-improved parking meter in Dallas.

    17. This deeply courteous street pole in Copenhagen.

    18. This riotous bike in Los Angeles.

    19. This overjoyed sculpture in Philadelphia.

    20. This spruced-up asylum in Sydney.

    21. This sexy tree in Florida.

    22. And this hungry one in Burlingame.

    23. This thankful piece in Baltimore.

    24. This impossibly happy schoolhouse in Quebec.

    25. This cheery flower in Budapest.

    26. And in Glasgow.

    27. This calming seascape in Maine.

    28. This emoji in New York City.

    29. This tiny reminder in Minnesota.

    Special thanks to Knitsforlife, yarnbomber extraordinaire, for recommending a bunch of these pieces!