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17 Times Graphic Design Could Have Saved The Day

Sometimes bad typography happens to good people. NSFW-ish.

1. When this bar opened.

The importance of kerning summed up in one glorious picture. On that note, we're done. Over&out. Enjoy your wkends!

2. When it was Clint's birthday.

Proper kerning is key "@_youhadonejob: Sky writer job. "

3. When justice was served cold.

4. During this high-stakes tournament.

5. And this pool party.

6. And this customer service survey.

Remember boys and girls, kerning is for more than logos and letterpress posters.

7. When bum calories reared their ugly head.

8. When a children's toy went oh so wrong.

9. And when an iPhone game took a turn for the sleazy.

My submission to @kilianvalkhof for an example of "keming" (the result of improper kerning" "f*** home run" for iphone

10. When the holidays lost their festive glow.

11. When your love for your aunt faded away.

12. When lunchtime sucked.

13. When this barber shop seemed...kind of dangerous?

14. When this computer shop went above and beyond the call of duty.

another reminder that yes, fonts and kerning matter

15. When this corner store sold LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

16. When this summertime frolic went oh so wrong.

17. When this happened.

It might have been 'shopped, but let it serve as a grave reminder: Without proper typography, nothing separates us from the animals.