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    19 Clever Products Every Lazy Girl Should Own

    Just because you don't want to put in effort doesn't mean you shouldn't live your best life.

    1. A hands-free stand for your blow-dryer.

    2. An automatic foot massager.

    3. This robot that will bring you a soda.

    4. This long-reach lotion applicator.

    5. A battery-operated fingernail trimmer.

    6. A mirrored phone screen protector.

    7. A toilet paper extender.

    8. An eyeliner stencil.

    9. This self-cleaning litter box.

    10. And this self-launching dog toy.

    11. Magnifying glasses for applying makeup.

    12. This "beauty spatula" to help you get every last drop of makeup.

    13. An elliptical that fits under your desk.

    14. A bag that holds your umbrella.

    15. Elastic shoelaces.

    16. These glasses that allow you to read while lying down.

    17. A spill-proof nail polish holder.

    18. A BODY DRYER.

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    It's exactly what it sounds like.

    19. This.