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    17 Products That Are Secretly Amazing

    Live every day like it's April Fools' Day.

    1. This chocolate bar that's actually a lighter.

    2. And these tools that are actually chocolate.

    3. This fake money-shredder that's actually a bank.

    4. This old-school phone that doesn't make calls but does contain booze.

    5. And this purse that secretly dispenses wine.

    6. These chicken nuggets that are actually soap!!!!

    7. And these chocolates! Also soap!

    8. OK, one more: SUSHI SOAP.

    9. This lightbulb-lookin' candle.

    10. This suntan lotion bottle that can hold all your valuables.

    11. This fork that's also a pen.

    12. There's a spoon, too.

    13. And a drill bit?

    14. Make any gift a surprise in one of these fake boxes.

    15. There's also a video game version.

    16. This card that never stops playing music.

    17. And this ice cream cone that's secretly a vibrator.