19 Extremely Useful Things That Will Prepare You For Disaster

    Good luck out there.

    1. These unbreakable glasses.

    2. This flashlight that doubles as a flask.

    3. A zombie target that actually bleeds.

    4. This air purifier that claims to destroy the influenza virus.

    5. And this water purifier you can take on the go.

    6. This handy survival guide.

    7. This zombie hand ice mold.

    8. This all-in-one coffee maker.

    9. A blanket that fits in your pocket.

    11. And this grill that fits in a 13-inch tube.

    12. These 12-in-1 scissors.

    13. These festive cupcake toppers.

    14. Stormproof matches.

    15. This survival kit that fits in an Altoid tin.

    16. And while you're at it, a fire-starting kit in an accompanying Altoid tin.

    17. A wearable sleeping bag.

    18. A camping gear subscription box.

    19. A set of tags to identify who your real squad is.

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