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15 Invaluable Lifehacks Every Dog Should Know

Just because you don't have opposable thumbs doesn't mean you can't live life to the fullest.

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1. Get a haircut to instantly reduce half of your body mass.

2. If you hide your bone, you get another bone.

3. Can't see you = can't bathe you.

4. Wedding gowns make great beds.

5. So do donkeys.

6. And dishes.

V. good way to multitask.

V. good way to multitask.

7. And each other.

8. For an easy and dramatic night look, try a hot-pink lip.

9. All you need are some bedsheets and some buddies for a memorable Halloween costume.

10. Protect yourself from the elements with a dogbrella.

11. If a cat bothers you, sit on it.

12. Banish FOMO forever with a fanny pack.

13. Use this ingenious trick to make eating way more efficient.

14. As the old adage goes, "She who shows her belly gets it rubbed."

15. Get fame and fortune instantly by starting a blog.

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