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23 Insanely Simple Ways To Declutter Your Online Life

::unfriend unfriend unfriend::

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2. Kill your tabs with the Tab Killer extension.

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It files them away for later without cluttering your bookmarks bar.


10. Facebook actually has a page where it shows you friends you don't interact with much.

Alanna Okun

And you can choose to add them to an Acquaintances list, where you'll see less of them on Newsfeed, or just defriend them altogether.

11. Or just check your Birthdays tab and unfriend anyone who you don't feel the need to follow anymore.

Dan Hopper / College Humor

Everyone has a birthday, so this is an insanely easy way to prune your list. Plus, in the deluge of birthday greetings, they'll never even realize you're gone.


13. Alphabetize your Pinterest boards to make finding what you need a snap.

And use keywords in the descriptions of your pins (i.e. "possible prom dress" rather than "omfg SO CUUUUUTE") to make searching so much easier.


19. Or by color.

Luke Coburn /

Writes Luke Coburn on why he chose this method: "I was finding that no matter what method I was trying to use to organize them, I was drawn to the apps based on their visual elements."


21. And figure out which apps are taking up the most space on your device.

On an iPhone, just check Settings - General Usage. For Androids, check Menu - Settings - SD card / phone storage. From there, you can make decisions on what needs to be chucked.

22. ManageFlitter is an app that helps organize people you're following on Twitter so you can decide who to unfollow.

It sorts by people who don't follow you back, people who've been inactive for a set period of time, and people who might be spam.

(Btw anyone who chooses to tweet the number of people who aren't following them on Twitter has my deepest sympathy and scorn.)