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17 Insanely Clever Ways To Use Your Phone's Camera

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if it helps you find your car.

Shutterstock / Alanna Okun / BuzzFeed

1. Take a picture of the contents of your fridge before you go grocery shopping.


It'll remind you what you're missing and what you already have too many of. (I don't know what humanoid rabbits own this fridge but these mofos could really use some bacon.)

2. Catalog the stuff you lend out.

3. Screenshot directions, especially if you'll be traveling underground or anywhere you won't have service.

(I mean obviously never use walking directions that are this ridiculous, but the fact stands.) Just make sure in advance that you'll have data/service if you're traveling overseas.

4. Never forget your coat check or dry cleaning ticket number again.

Even if you lose the actual physical piece of paper.

5. Have your wifi password close at hand.

This is especially useful if you have visitors.

6. Take a picture of a nearby landmark when you park your car in a crowded lot.


7. Same goes for the location of your hotel when traveling.


Take a picture near an intersection (and get one of your room number, while you're at it) and any nearby street signs. This also comes in handy if you don't know the language and need to frantically gesture at locals in order to find your way back.

8. Screenshot your personal info before traveling in case your phone gets lost.

You can even set it as your phone's screen, and then the rest is up to kindly strangers.

9. Always have your prescription numbers handy.


Some pharmacies will even scan a picture of the barcode if you have a clear enough image.

10. Secretly figure out someone's ring size.


This trick is by no means foolproof (nothing beats actually asking, measuring, or having a friend do so) but if you can finagle a picture of your boo holding something standard-sized, like a credit card with the magnetic strip outwards, you can estimate the circumference of their finger to scale.

11. Check to see if your remote's batteries still work.

Most phone cameras can detect infrared light, so snap a picture while pressing a button on the remote to see if it lights up.

12. Photograph homework assignments in textbooks.

So you don't have to lug the whole heavy book back and forth.

13. When moving, take pictures of the contents of your boxes so you can find things easily later.

Very Important Box.

14. Document a new haircut from all angles so you can show it to your stylist the next time around.

15. If you're taking your family to a crowded place like an amusement park, take a picture of your kids that morning.


That way, if they get lost or separated, you'll be able to report exactly what they were wearing and show authorities what they look like.

16. If you're nearsighted and can't find your glasses/contacts, your phone's camera can help you see more clearly.


Okay so you'll also need a very powerful telescope for this one, but daaaaaaamn that looks good.

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