25 Ingenious Products That Will Save You So Much Space

Whether your home is tiny or you just want room for more rad stuff, these lifesavers are for you.

6. A collapsible bucket.


Who needs a bucket ALL THE TIME? Nerds, that’s who.

9. A magnetic ironing mat.

It turns your washing machine (or any metallic surface) into an easily tuck-away-able ironing board.

13. Collapsible and adjustable pet bowls.

Great for traveling and for the many stages of your pal’s life.

16. A measuring cup that works for tea- and tablespoons.

No need to have all those individual spoons rattling around your drawer.

18. A cat crib.

It fits snugly underneath your furniture and makes your fluffy pal feel like the overlord of his domain.

25. A library-slash-chair.

It’s pricey, but so, so worth it.

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