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    24 Incredible Yarnbombs From Around The World

    In honor of the third annual International Yarnbombing Day, knitters and crocheters took to the streets to cover everything within reach in cozy fiber.

    1. International Yarnboming Day was founded by Canadian fiber artist Joann Matvichuk in 2011. / Via Facebook: events

    Yarnbombing is the art of making fiber graffiti (it's sometimes called guerrilla knitting or yarnstorming) and if you've ever encountered a bike or a tree wearing a sweater, that is what it is.

    This piece is by Lorri Wagner Talberg.

    2. This year, it took place on Saturday, June 8th. / Via Facebook: events

    Although yarnbombers, not particularly concerned with restrictions, celebrated all weekend long.

    In Alberta, Canada.

    3. Yarn enthusiasts hit Florida. / Via Facebook: events

    By Alex Brummitt.

    4. San Jose, Costa Rica. / Via Facebook: events

    Photo by Nat Sibaja.

    5. Melbourne, Australia.

    Which is apparently the yarnbombing capital of the known universe.

    6. Toledo, Ohio.

    7. Palo Alto, California.

    By Lorna Watt (aka Knitsforlife).

    8. Freeport, Maine.

    9. Hiroshima, Japan.

    10. Rosslyn, Virginia.

    11. Melbourne again.

    12. Vancouver, Canada.


    14. Los Angeles, California.

    15. Brooklyn, New York.

    16. Houston, Texas.

    17. Uppsala, Sweden.

    By Elisabeth Bucht, aka the unbelievable, who you should be following on Instagram even if you've never touched a ball of yarn in your life.

    18. Even more Melbourne.

    19. Atlanta, Georgia.

    20. Wherever someone really, really loves "Adventure Time."

    21. Los Angeles, California.

    22. San Mateo, Calfornia.

    23. Perth, Australia.

    24. And Davis, California.

    Come to think of it, the state of California can definitely give Melbourne a run for its yarnbombing money.

    If you spotted or made a yarnbomb of your own, add it in the comments!

    And get in touch with YarnPlaces, which is trying to assemble an interactive map of all the projects.

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