12 Incredible Paintings Made Out Of Makeup

    Your makeup bag is actually an artist's studio waiting to happen. (If you're as talented as "Red" Hong Yi.)

    Malaysian artist-architect "Red" Hong Yi is no stranger to working with unusual materials.

    For the Chinese New Year, she used makeup to depict various scenes and symbols, and posted the images to her Instagram.

    "Chinese art requires a lot of precision and skill," she wrote of the project on DesignBoom. "One stroke can make a huge difference, and many times, less is more. I felt that this is similar to how a woman carefully puts on her make-up."

    1. She creates mascara cattails and liquid eyeliner cranes:

    2. Mountains from loose powder:

    3. Branches from eyeliner shavings:

    4. Koi and lilypads made from eyeshadow and nail polish:

    5. Leaves from false eyelashes:

    6. Bamboo from eyeshadow:

    7. Lipstick firecrackers and lanterns:

    8. An eyeshadow horse, for the Year of the Horse:

    9. Opera mask made from nail polish, eyeliner, and eyeshadow:

    10. Nail polish cherry blossoms:

    11. A village of nail polish:

    12. And a landscape, made from eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner.

    Follow @redhongyi for plenty more of her amazing multi-media artwork.

    h/t HuffPo Style!