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25 Galactic DIYs Inspired By Outer Space

We are all made of star stuff, so let's wear it proudly.

1. Space Pants

"Are you wearing space pants? Because your ass is out of thi-" "Yes, cheesy stranger on the street, I am in fact wearing space pants." Directions here.

2. Galaxy Manicure

Keep the power of the cosmos at your fingertips. Find out how to do it yourself here.

3. Galaxy Envelopes

For sending missives to your friends a little closer to home. Directions here.

4. Nebula Pillow

5. Space Shoes

Almost as cool as moon boots. Get directions for these here.


And for this more nebulous version here.

7. Constellation Table Runner

To make any dinner party more stellar. Directions here. The designer, Miniature Rhino, also sells DIY kits on Etsy.

8. Starry Hairpiece

Here is how to make it.

9. Anthropologie Knock-Off Constellation Cardigan

The creator of this project used glow-in-the-dark thread by accident when she first made this, which is basically the happiest accident I can even think of.

10. Star-Studded Cuff

11. Galaxy Dress

12. Cosmic Mason Jar

Space-on jar? Maybe. Directions here.

13. Starry Scarf

Directions here.

14. Galaxy Tank

Get the full tutorial here.

15. Constellation Nails

You could do your own zodiac sign, or just your favorite constellation. This Yahoo Answers thread is v. good for figuring out which one is best. Get the directions here.

16. Space Clutch

Hold the universe in the palms of your hands. Directions here.

17. Galaxy Print Blouse

If this isn't work-appropriate, find different work. Directions here.

18. Constellation Starry Lights

Perfect for a kid's room, or also a grown-up's room. Tutorial here.

19. Starry iPhone Case

20. Saturn Costume

Forget being an astronaut, your kid deserves to be an entire celestial body. Directions here.

21. Bleached Star Jeans

The best part of these is that you can make them using stuff you almost definitely have around the house, and the even better part is that they were inspired by Kourtney Kardashian. Directions here.

22. Fractured Galaxy Tank

Directions here.

23. Starry Light Garland

Perfect if you love the look of Christmas lights but don't want your home to look like a college dorm. (Even if your home is, in fact, a college dorm.) Directions here.

24. Stamped Star Scarf

Say that five times fast. Directions here.

25. Galaxy Dress

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