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    How To Throw A (Relatively) Classy Bachelorette Party

    Nary a manhood-shaped popsicle nor pasty in sight.

    1. Instead of some lame bar, go to a BYOB art class.

    Studios, like New York City's Paint Along, are starting to pop up across the country and offer group rates for private parties.

    2. Up the ante with a *figure-drawing* class.

    It's halfway between going to a strip club and a museum, amirite?

    3. Or a cooking class.

    This "DJ Chef" cooking class looks especially promising.

    4. Class up your invites.

    Available here.

    5. Or make them totally playful.

    Get them here.


    Regardless of whether the wedding is destination or two blocks away, these boarding pass bachelorette party invites are adorable.

    7. Personalize champagne bottles.

    Customized labels available here.

    8. Make Jell-o shots special* by arranging them into a cake.

    *Or at least less dorm-room-y. This was made by Jelly Mongers but you could make your own with your favorite jello shot recipe.

    9. Invest in some glittery photo booth props.

    Available here.

    10. And a glittery garland.

    Get it here.

    11. If you do go to a bar, subtly announce that you're celebrating impending nuptials.

    You can stick these in all manner of beverages. Available here.

    12. Go camping.

    Although you can go as fancy as you want. (Apparently there is a term for this and it is called "glamping." Do with that what you will.)


    Major bonus points if you wear thrift store dresses you don't mind ruining, like this intrepid bridal party. It's recommended that you "do it a couple of weeks out from the wedding so your bruises disappear."

    14. Think you're past the point of sleepovers and pillow fights? Wrong.

    This group surprised the bride with a huge grown-up pillow fight.

    15. Give each guest a punchy gift box.

    Tiny Absolut bottle non-negotiable.

    16. Or a custom tote.

    Available here.

    17. Or a vintage bottle opener.

    Get them inexpensively here.

    18. Make Chippendale cookies.

    This is still way more elegant than what it could be, okay? Directions here.

    19. Make up your own version of Jeopardy.

    Ask questions about the bride, the groom, Game of Thrones, yarn, or whatever else you guys happen to like a whole bunch. Also I have no earthly idea what a "boozy fish" is but I want one right now.

    20. Take morning-after mugshots.

    Chronicle the debauchery for the whole internet to enjoy.

    21. Send everyone on their way with some much-needed swag.

    Available here.

    And if you'd like a little more phallus in your bachelorette party, check out this post (NSFW, naturally).

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