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    How To Knit, According To (Ridiculous) Stock Photos

    Knit one, purl...what?

    Get naked.

    (Ball-winding also requires partial nudity.)

    Stand up straight.

    Who needs a chair? Not you!

    Remember: everything's more fun in a group.

    Guard your yarn jealously, or else They will try and come for it.

    For a quick and easy blanket, just stab blindly with a knitting needle in an empty office cubicle.

    A MAN, KNITTING? What a preposterous thought.

    No egg deserves to go cozy-less.

    (No matter how oddly shaped.)

    Same goes for snails.


    For Valentine's Day, make your lover a delicious treat.

    Don't bother actually knitting a baby gift; just wrap up the yarn and call it a day.

    Do you REALLY love knitting? PROVE IT.

    Oh yarn, you slay me!

    Who even knows.