How Sweaty Are You?

Are you a smelly damp swamp creature turned humanoid, or nah?

  1. Which parts of your body are currently drenched in sweat?
    1. Armpits
    2. Upper back
    3. Lower back
    4. Side back
    5. Boobs
    6. In between your boobs
    7. Under your boobs, leaving a telltale crescent of moisture for all the world to cherish
    8. Feet
    9. Ankles
    10. Calves
    11. Hands
    12. Palms sweaty
    13. Mom’s spaghetti
    14. Neck
    15. Shoulders
    16. The hollow between your neck and shoulders that is basically just a reservoir for sweat, like what else could it possibly be for.
    17. Upper butt
    18. Lower butt
    19. Inner butt
    20. Naughty bits
    21. Forehead
    22. Beard
    23. Upper lip
    24. Teeth
    25. Elbows
    26. Inner elbows
    27. Knees
    28. Inner knees
    30. (Check this ~bonus box~ if your thighs are so sticky that they make that “fwub fwub” sound whenever you move)
    31. Scalp
    32. Bridge of your nose, esp. relevant in the case of (sun)glasses
    33. Behind your ears
    34. Between your toes
    35. Between your fingers
    36. Nooks ‘n’ crannies you didn’t even know existed before
    37. Your heart
    38. Your brain
    39. Your soul
    40. Your chair (it is part of your body now, the two of you are one)

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