How Much Do You Care About Grammar?

Your either a true member of the Language Squad or your not.

    1. 1 Your not supposed to be here.
    2. 2 Could you please remove you’re hand from that jar?
    3. 3 Whose that girl in the pleather jumpsuit?
    4. 4 That’s the girl who’s boyfriend I stole.
    5. 5 Its raining on prom night.
    6. 6 Grandma is bringing her stupid dog to the party; I can never remember it’s name.
    7. 7 Martin drove Chrysanthemum and I to the old water tower.
    8. 8 And than I pushed her off the old water tower. Oops!
    9. 9 Tacos are better then burritos.
    10. 10 You can only go to the express checkout if you have twelve items or less.
    11. 11 Shit, I should of thought of that!
    12. 12 Stop acting like your insults effect me.
    13. 13 His b.o. had an unfortunate affect on his dating abilities.
    14. 14 Our high school principle got arrested.
    15. 15 Not to brag, but I have a really strong set of moral principals.
    16. 16 Look at those taco truck dudes, their all sooooooo sexy.
    17. 17 And they let me get an extra scoop of they’re world-famous guac.
    18. 18 Rats, all of there girlfriends just showed up.
    19. 19 God, some people just can’t take a complement.
    20. 20 Your acid-wash jeans really compliment your fringed vest.
    21. 21 Which burger is her’s? Mine has kale on it.
    22. 22 My only friends are cat’s.
    23. 23 Could we please stop by the ATM machine?
    24. 24 Fuck, I totally forgot my PIN number.
    25. 25 Now I can’t buy that awesome laptop with LCD display :(
    26. 26 “Are you hungry”? she asked. “Never”, he said.
    27. 27 We’re going too the wax museum tomorrow.
    28. 28 Can Sally come to?
    29. 29 I’m waiting for an answer with baited breath.
    30. 30 Whatever, me and Sally can go by ourselves.
    31. 31 His interest was peaked.
    32. 32 By enlarge, the engagement party was a delightful affair.
    33. 33 And yet for all intensive purposes, it was an utter failure for Brandon.
    34. 34 Whatever. He could care less.
    35. 35 I’m literally dead. Like, actually legitimately buried in a grave. I can’t even.

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