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How Grown-Up Is Your Living Space?

Wow, that Pink Floyd poster goes so well with your broken mug collection.

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    Cups that aren't mugs.
    Cups that you didn't get for free from a fast food establishment.
    Cups that you didn't get for free from your college.
    More utensils/plates/bowls than the number of people who live with you.
    Dish soap.
    Dish soap AND hand soap.
    A sponge.
    A sponge that is less than two months old.
    A sponge that is the color it was originally.
    A DISHWASHER (~heavens open up, light pours in~)
    A GARBAGE DISPOSAL (~a chorus of angels spits glitter all over you~)
    A fridge that contains more than just condiments.
    A fridge that contains more than just leftovers.
    A fridge that has save-the-date magnets and pictures of peoples' babies affixed to it.
    More than one pot.
    More than one pan.
    A knife block, instead of loose dangerous would-be weapons lying around everywhere.
    Spices that are not salt and pepper.
    Salt and pepper shakers, like that you bought separately and maybe are shaped like birds or tiny mason jars.
    Tupperware (even if you never actually remember to bring lunch to work).
    A dedicated table to eat your meals on.
    A dedicated chair(s) to sit on whilst you eat said meals.
    A rug that nobody has ever vomited on.
    A couch that nobody has ever vomited on.
    Books you were not required to buy for class.
    Shelves to put books on.
    Curtains so the neighbors can't see your butt.
    At least one significant piece of furniture that is not from Ikea.
    At least one significant piece of furniture that is not from a trash heap.
    Art that is hung by something other than tape.
    Art that is not a Breakfast at Tiffany's or Dark Side of the Moon poster.
    A vacuum.
    A broom.
    A swiffer.
    Swiffer pads so that your swiffer doesn't sadly languish in a dusty corner after two months of rigorous use.
    Tools. What are they for, you ask? Shh.
    Bedding sans logos.
    Pillows that have not turned yellow.
    More than one set of sheets.
    More than one towel.
    Tissues instead of a random roll of toilet paper.
    A bag for your makeup/toiletries that is not a Ziploc.
    A dedicated place to put your condoms/lube/whatever that is not a shoebox.
    A surge protector, so you don't have to unplug your lamp in order to charge your phone.
    Something sturdy enough to stand on in order to change lightbulbs by yourself.
    A plunger.
    The ability to use said plunger.
    A liner for your shower curtain so you don't flood the world.
    Something to hold your toilet paper that is not the back of your toilet.
    A bathmat.
    Separate towels for your face, hands, and bod.
    A recycling bin.
    A plant you haven't killed.
    A pet you haven't killed.
    A child. (Who you haven't killed, obvs.)
    No roommates, just you and/or the person you regularly make out with and any children that may have resulted from that or a different union.
    A washer and dryer.
    A wall that you painted personally.
    A wall that you paid somebody else to paint.
    A RENOVATION. (Repainting is not a renovation, no matter what realtors on Craigslist would have you think.)
    A calendar that accurately depicts what year it is.
    A mirror large enough to see your whole outfit before you venture into the world.
    A reading nook.
    A breakfast nook.
    Throw pillows.
    Somewhere for guests to sleep that is not the floor or your own bed. (Unless that's like, your move, in which case, okay I guess.)
    A place to put nonseasonal items like snowboots during summer or swimsuits over Christmas.
    A place to hang your coat and the coats of those who may visit you.
    A welcome mat.
    A space that is just yours.

How Grown-Up Is Your Living Space?

You basically still live like a child and/or college student. (Maybe you are, in fact, a child or a college student.) You're not quite there yet re: totally having your home life together, but hey, that just means you have more to look forward to. The world is brimming with cups to buy and bathmats to invest in.

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You're totally getting there! Maybe you don't have like, a white picket fence (or whatever the urban equivalent is) or separate bedrooms for all your shoes, but your place is yours and you're capable of managing it as such.

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You're a total grown-up. You've got your shit together and dust bunnies flee in your wake. Life's too short to spend rewashing the same butter knife, you believe, and you're fully able to turn any house into a home.

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