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    Here's An Insanely Easy Way To Customize Your Ikea Furniture

    You don't need power tools or DIY skills to use these specially-cut decals.

    Sites like Thismykea and Panyl provide a much-needed service in a sea of Ikea samey-sameyness.

    They sell pre-cut decals to decorate the most popular Ikea furnishings (like the BILLY bookshelf that graces the homes of every living human ages 18 to 36*). Each set of decals is available in a variety of options and colors, and they're a breeze to install.

    *rough estimate.

    Make over your MALM dresser.

    Get it here.

    Pixelate an EXPEDIT storage unit.

    Available here.

    Add woodgrain to your BESTÅ TOMBO cabinets.

    Available here.

    Stripe up that ubiquitous BILLY bookshelf.

    Get it here.

    Or turn it into a fantasy landscape.

    Available here.

    Punch up your KALLAX cabinets.

    Available here.

    Add some color to your LÄTT table and chairs.

    Buy it here.

    Turn your LACK table into a work of art.

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