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Here Is How To Solve A Very Important Peanut Problem

If this is a problem you have, you know it all too well.

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Luckily, BuzzFeed's very own Meg Cramer is both a podcast producer and a peanut enthusiast.

She works on shows like Another Round, Internet Explorer, and The Tell Show.

And because Meg is not content to live anything other than her best life, she found a solution.

She drilled holes in the cap (use goggles or other eye protection!) too small for the peanuts to fall through but wide enough to shake the dust out. If you tend to buy the same size jar, Meg suggests saving the lid and just swapping it in as needed. This'll work on pretty much any jar where the accumulation of detritus at the end is just too much to handle. (It's also how I turned a Mason jar into a snail terrarium, but that's a little different.)

And there's no need to throw out the peanut dust once you've collected it; you can always save it to use on ice cream or oatmeal or ramen or whatever else your peanut-loving heart desires, far from all the crevices in which it used to burrow.

And if you have a lil' tip or trick of your own that's made your life easier, let us know in the comments!