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21 Knockoff Halloween Costumes That Are Almost Better Than The Real Thing

I said "almost."

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1. "Candy Creator"

2. "Mr. Blockhead"

3. "Teen Elf Warrior"

4. "Red Player"

5. "Sexy Green Plumber"

6. "World Traveler"

7. "Sexy Wonder Lady"

8. "Kansas Cutie"

9. "Tommy Tater"

10. (Don't forget "Tina Tater")

11. "Ogre"

12. "Adult Billionaire"

13. "Late-Night Host"

14. "Lady G"

15. "Korean Pop Star"

16. "Redneck Pageant Princess"

Nice, guys.

Nice, guys.

17. "Rehab Babe"

Real, real nice.

Real, real nice.

18. "Teen Dream Pop Star"

19. The...Power Girls?

20. "Iconic Fab Four"

21. "Celebrity Chef"

Buy me this plz and thx.

Buy me this plz and thx.