25 DIY Halloween Costumes Guaranteed To Keep You Warm

    Who needs skimpy when you can rock ~cozy~?

    1. Marty McFly

    2. Where's Waldo (or Walda)

    3. Macklemore

    4. Daria

    5. Max from Where The Wild Things Are

    6. Totoro

    Get a grey hoodie, apply felt strategically, and prepare yourself for an onslaught of hugs.

    7. Headless Person

    8. Sweeney Todd

    9. Edward Scissorhands

    10. Satan

    11. Octopus

    12. Panda

    13. Garden Gnome

    Replete with a polyfill beard to keep your chin as warm as your belly.

    14. Robber and Bag of Money

    15. Santa

    16. Legos

    17. MAC Foundation

    18. Knight

    19. Mario and Luigi

    20. Sim

    21. Shark

    22. And if you grab a couple of friends and run around in a circle of destruction all night, you can be...

    23. Care Bears

    24. Log Lady and Log

    25. Mummy